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Here at Chiropractic Group of Hudson Valley, we know that no two people are alike.  Because everyone's body responds uniquely to different chiropractic techniques, we employ a variety of techniques to adjust your spine.  Our techniques help improve spinal biomechanics and reduce nervous system interference.  The approach we use for each patient is based on our clinical judgment and over 50 years of experience.


No matter which approach we choose to use for each individual patient, the goal is the same: to help each and every patient achieve their greatest quality of life possible through the removal of spinal subluxations, which will allow the nervous system to function at its highest potential.  Anyone who has a spine can benefit from our services!  Our chiropractic techniques can help people dealing with all kinds of back issues, from birth trauma all the way through age-related arthritic conditions.  Among the special services we offer is spinal decompression therapy, a non-surgical treatment that can alleviate severe pain caused by herniated discs, sciatica and spinal stenosis. 


If you have seen chiropractors in the past and have or haven’t liked how you’ve been adjusted, please let us know.  We want you to be relaxed when you are in our office, so you can enjoy and fully feel the benefits of your chiropractic visit.

About Chiropractic

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For years, people who have suffered from herniated discs, sciatica and spinal stenosis have relied on conventional therapies that included physical therapy, manipulation, pain medications, injections, and in the most severe cases, surgery.  Now an increasing number of patients are finding lasting relief from an FDA-cleared technology called Spinal Decompression.

Watch the video below to learn more about Spinal Decompression Therapy, a non-surgical approach to back pain relief:

Spinal Decompression is a nonsurgical treatment that works by alternately stretching and relaxing the spine.  It gently distracts the vertebrae and “decompresses” the discs and joints of the spine.  Scientific studies have shown that the vast majority of patients treated with Spinal Decompression have had significant and lasting relief of back and radiating pain.


Dr. Normington Schofield explains the procedure: “Spinal Decompression is a non-surgical treatment that can reposition the disc and repair the disc structure.  These changes are seen on before and after MRI studies.  Most patients that I see have tried many other therapies with little success.  Many are surgical candidates or are already post-surgical.  Thanks to this technology, I am able to offer a lasting solution without the risks or complications of surgery.  I am very excited to offer this safe, affordable and very effective treatment at my office."


Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy brings joy and anticipation.  However, for some expectant mothers, the experience can be painful, uncomfortable and even cause illness.  Pregnant women experience many structural and hormonal changes that can affect the spine, nerves, joints, ligaments, connective tissue, center of gravity, and stability, wreaking total havoc on the body.


Here at Chiropractic Group of Hudson Valley, our chiropractors can help make sure your spinal column, pelvis and related structures are balanced, move easily, and have no subluxations.  By receiving prenatal chiropractic care, the expectant mother can experience comfort, health, and vitality throughout her pregnancy.  Chiropractic care will also help the expectant mother to handle the stress of childbirth more successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is chiropractic safe for a pregnant woman and her unborn child?

Absolutely!  Chiropractic is gentle and drug-free, giving the best approach to health for both mom and baby during pregnancy.

Can I see other healthcare providers while under chiropractic care?

Of course.  There is no conflict with you continuing to see other healthcare practitioners throughout your pregnancy.

How late in pregnancy is it possible to get a spinal adjustment?

Any time.  In fact, women have even received chiropractic care during labor!

Can spinal care help postpartum depression?

Yes!  According to studies, postpartum depression is less common in patients receiving manipulative therapy.

Do I have to have a problem in pregnancy to see a chiropractor?

Not at all.  Periodic spinal checkups during pregnancy should be as common as periodic weigh-ins to ensure mother and baby’s health.

To discuss the benefits of chiropractic care for expectant mothers, or to make an appointment, call Dr. Schofield at 845-831-1225.

Pregnancy Care

Kids' Wellness

Your child may not show the signs of traditional neck or back pain that would require them to see a chiropractor, but chiropractic care can still benefit your child.  It is never too early to start!  Regular check-ups on your child’s spine should be as common as brushing your teeth.  It is as normal as seeing the dentist or eye doctor.  By scheduling regular chiropractic appointments for your child, we can make sure there are no underlying problems that could be affecting other areas of your child’s overall health.


You may not have ever thought about it, but labor and delivery can be very traumatic to a baby’s still-forming spine.  When we see infants right after they are born, we are able to check and make sure no subluxations exist, and if they do we can correct them immediately.  By checking your baby early, we can make sure the nervous system is functioning at its very best from birth.


As your child grows, they will be playing, running, jumping, falling and doing other normal activities that can nevertheless cause trauma to the spine.  Luckily, we are able to help with this.  By seeing your child regularly, our doctors can keep their spine in the proper alignment.

Having a healthy spinal column can help your child’s body handle common issues like ear infections, colic, bedwetting, scoliosis, digestive issues, sore throats, fevers, stomachaches, allergies, and behavioral issues associated with learning disorders such as ADD or ADHD. 

Correcting any subluxations in a child’s spine can have a powerful outcome on many different aspects of their lives.  For decades, parents have noticed positive changes in their child’s physical health, behavior, and the overall emotional state of their child after undergoing a chiropractic adjustment.

When working with infants and children, we have very specialized and specific techniques that are gentle and safe.  By providing infants and children with regular chiropractic care, your child’s nervous system will stay at its peak level and help protect them from sickness and disease that may arise in the future. 

Give your child the advantage of optimal health from the moment they’re born by making an appointment today. 

Kids' Wellness

Chiropractic & Fitness

When your body is going through the healing process, you can help speed that process up by undergoing a proper exercise regimen and eating a healthy, balanced diet.  These are just two steps that go hand-in-hand with regular chiropractic maintenance.  During your first appointment, we will discuss your needs and concerns with you, and determine an exercise plan that is right for you.

Exercise Counseling

We believe it is vital for you to know how to use your body properly.  During your treatments with us, you will receive instructions on how to utilize an exercise program that is personalized to your needs.  The exercises in your program will become an important part of getting well and staying well.

Nutritional Guidance

You’ve heard it before, but we will say it again: you are what you eat.  It’s important you realize that the ability to take control and maintain your health is affected by your eating and drinking habits.  Here at Chiropractic Group of Hudson Valley, we can help you get on the road to eating healthier. 

Combining exercise and healthy eating habits will help you reach an optimal weight and reduce the excess weight causing stress to your spine.


Chiropractic & Weight Loss

Even though chiropractors cannot promise an instant remedy to any health issue, research suggests regular chiropractic care, in combination with healthy lifestyle habits, can help a person achieve their best overall health.  One of the health concerns chiropractic care can help address is weight loss.

How exactly can chiropractic care can help with weight loss?  Studies have shown routine chiropractic adjustments can help augment a person’s weight loss goals by helping each person achieve their ultimate body weight under safer circumstances.  One big way routine chiropractic care can help in weight loss is by relieving your spine of any pressure that shouldn’t be there.  It could be a subluxation or any type of dysfunction that would be prohibiting your spine from functioning at its best.  By relieving your spine of any sort of dysfunction, exercising will most likely be easier on your body, therefore making your diet and exercise routine more effective in your weight loss goals.


Furthermore, exercising without back pain will most likely give you the ability to perform longer and more intense workouts than before.  By being able to work out harder and longer, you will have the ability to burn more calories, thereby having a greater contribution to your overall weight loss. 


Chiropractic adjustments can also help you have better muscle tone by ridding your body of adipose tissue, otherwise known as body fat.  Once you improve your muscle tone, it will be more difficult for your body to put on excess weight.  Adjustments are also known to help relax your muscles, which might help your body recover before your next workout session.

Seeing a chiropractor regularly may allow your chiropractor to identify areas with the potential for injuries, therefore correcting and preventing the issues before they become more serious ailments that could potentially halt your weight loss journey.  One great habit to pick up in order to improve your overall health, and ultimately have a more likely chance of succeeding in your weight loss, is to see your chiropractor on a regular basis.

Weight Loss

Diabetes is a major health condition that can develop in young children, or emerge later in their life from an unhealthy lifestyle.  Chiropractic care has been shown to help stabilize blood sugar levels in people who suffer from diabetes and  in people who do not suffer from diabetes.

Wondering how that’s possible?

Your upper neck and the middle of your back are responsible for supplying nerve signals to your brain and your vital organs.  When there is not enough response happening between your brain and organs, your pancreas, blood sugar and digestion become affected.  If the pancreas is affected and begins to function improperly, your body will lack the enzymes produced to help with vital roles, such as producing insulin and aiding in digestion.  Basically, if your nerve supply is disturbed through spinal misalignment, then the overall function of the pancreas can suffer.


The good news is, chiropractic care can fix these subluxations, preventing further issues between your brain and vital organs.  Chiropractic care focuses on aligning your spine, therefore allowing your nerves and spine to work to their best ability, thereby helping organs to function at their best ability.  Keeping your spine in alignment through regular chiropractic care can help increase your overall immune system and hormone function.

Recent research has shown evidence that chiropractic care may make a difference in those diagnosed with diabetes by providing an overall wellness protocol that helps keep insulin levels in check.

Diabetes Care
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